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If you would like to enquire more about our Click & Collect service please give us a call on (02) 6257 1777.

Online Shop overview:

  • Location - Your order will be picked and packed at our Sans Souci store located in the Sans Souci Central centre on 524 - 544 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci NSW.
  • Discounts, Loyalty Card program and American Express card (AMEX) is not accepted/ integrated onto our online shop yet. 
  • Payment details - Once you provide a bank card upon check-out, you won't need to produce it again when you come to pick up your order or when you receive your delivery at your address.
  • Ordering Times - We do ask our customers to allow 1 full day to make their order before pick up. 

Click & Collect order pick up procedure:

  • Service Desk - When picking up your order please come to our Service Desk located near the entrance of our Sans Souci store. Let our team member know about your Click & Collect order number and we will hand it over to you at the counter.
  • Identification Card - Please bring along your Identification Card so that we are able give you your correct order. We also sell liquor online as well.
  • Third Party order pick-ups  - Your utilising a third party courier or delivery persons to pick-up your grocery order is fine. However we will need the name of the person who is picking up your order. We will also be asking them for their Identification Card too. 
  • Pen - Please bring your own pen, if possible. The pen is for you to sign-off on your order upon pickup. We will also have our own pens available to our customers to sign with (sanitized/ wiped), if required.


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